Willoughby Goes To Vote


The Peak Public Affairs Committee of the Armenian-Australian Community

SYDNEY: On Saturday 12th April, residents of Willoughby City Council will go to the ballot box to vote for its next Mayor, following the passing of long-time Mayor Pat Reilly.

As Willoughby is a traditional Armenian suburb still populated by many Armenian-Australians, the Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC Australia) met with many of the candidates standing for the position of Mayor, including Stuart Coppock, Gail Gidney-Giles and John C. Owens.

Ten candidates – Stuart Coppock, Gail Gidney-Giles, Tony Mustaca, David Stickland, Nic Wright, James Flynn, John Owens, John C. Owens, Steven Willoughby and Wendy Norton – have nominated to become the 64th Mayor of the Willoughby City Council.

ANC Australia has discussed various issues of importance to the Armenian community in the Willoughby area and has received solid commitments from each of the candidates it met with.

Vache Kahramanian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of Australia, remarked: “We wish each of the candidates the very best for the upcoming election and look forward to working with the next Mayor of Willoughby Council on a wide range of issues for the mutual benefit of the Armenian community and the wider Willoughby community.”

Voting details can be accessed at the Electoral Commission NSW website.

Photo: Stuart Coppock, Gail Gidney-Giles, Tony Mustaca, John Owens, Wendy Norton, Nic Wright,  James Flynn,  John C. Owens, Steven Willoughby, David Stickland.