ANC Montreal congratulates Norair Serengulian for his campaign


The Armenian National Committee of Montreal (ANCM) congratulates Norair Serengulian for his campaign to win the Liberal Party of Canada nomination contest in Ahuntsic-Cartierville. The ANCM would have preferred to see Mr. Serengulian elected as the Liberal candidate for Ahuntsic/Cartierville, but respects his decision and his strong sense of accountability and responsibility toward his supporters, his community, and the Liberal Party of Canada.

“Norair and his campaign team should be proud of their efforts in rallying hundreds upon hundreds of people around Norair’s principles of integrity and accountability,” stated ANCM Chairman Jirair Zakarian. “As he has done so for the last 25 years, we are confident that Norair will continue to have the best interests of the community in mind.”

In the coming week, the ANCM will be meeting with Mr. Serengulian in order to discuss the Liberal nomination contest and possible next steps.