In the name of protecting the thousand-year-old rights of the Armenians and Patriarchate of Jerusalem

We are following with concern the steps taken by the Israeli police which violate the rights of the Jerusalem Armenian community and of the Armenian Patriarchate in the Armenian Quarter of Old Jerusalem. With these steps, the Israeli police are supporting the violence of the armed settlers and the employees of the other side of the fraudulently signed and problematic contract, violating the relevant international and local laws.

We have already declared that “the settlement of the issue must be done exclusively on the basis of local and international laws, without the use of force or the threat of force.” The violence and the complicity of the Israeli police must stop. The government of Israel must respect the rights of the Armenian Patriarchate and the Armenian community of Jerusalem with a clear stance and definite steps.

The issue of Armenian rights in Jerusalem concerns all Armenians, therefore, any attempt to violate those rights is subject to the adequate reaction of all Armenians.

The Armenian National Committee-International continues to support with all its capabilities —and in cooperation with the global network of Armenian Dat— the Armenian community of Jerusalem and the Armenian Patriarchate to protect their thousand-year-old rights.

April 8, 2024