Gev Iskajyan Joins ANCA as National Grassroots Director

Will empower communities and expand Armenian American civic engagement

The Armenian National Committee of America welcomed Gev Iskajyan as its national grassroots director during Capitol Hill advocacy days last week as part of its ongoing commitment to expand Armenian American participation in federal, state, and local policy-making and build coalitions to advance pro-Artsakh/Armenia and community priorities.

“We are excited to welcome Gev Iskajyan to lead our national grassroots development effort, as we embark on a bold new journey to fortify our local communities and amplify the Armenian American voice across the United States,” stated ANCA Chairman Raffi Hamparian. “With Gev’s leadership, working closely with our regional and local chapters, we forge ahead, united in our commitment to empower our people and advance our common cause. Together, we will build new and stronger bridges, elevate voices, and ensure that our presence resonates with elected officials across our nation,” the ANCA Chairman added.

Gev Iskajyan has spent the last two years in Artsakh serving as the Executive Director of the ANC Artsakh — working on diplomatic efforts abroad, shedding light on the plight of the people in Artsakh, and helping with relief efforts in the homeland. Iskajyan has previously served on the ANCA Western Region Board, chaired the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Western US, and served as editor of AYF’s Haytoug Magazine. As a member of the All-ASA board in 2016, Iskajyan helped spearhead the Divest Turkey initiative.  On the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Iskajyan served as Executive Director Armenian Genocide Commemorative Committee, which brought together over 100,000 Armenian Americans and allies for the ‘March for Justice.’ Iskajyan has also written for numerous publications, including Time Magazine and Newsweek, and has been featured by outlets such as CNN, BBC, Politico, and the LA Times.  He attended Cal Poly University – Pomona, where he studied Political Science and Philosophy.

“To be part of the ANCA and its storied legacy is both an honor and a privilege. As we go through trying times for the Armenian nation, our advocacy and work will be more vital than ever. We will not only be working to maintain and strengthen our communities and chapters throughout the United States but also expanding our reach and influence as we galvanize our communities, inspire new advocates, and stand up new chapters throughout the nation.”

Iskajyan will be working closely with ANC chapters, advocates, and pro-Armenian allies across the United States to advance the ANCA’s federal policy priorities and explore new initiatives on the state and local levels. In the upcoming months, he will be crisscrossing the country for community speaking engagements and meetings with local chapters, organizations, and youth groups to best leverage the ANCA’s nationwide network to expand Armenian American civic participation.