Today, the International Court of Justice in The Hague commenced discussions on the issue of genocide raised by the Republic of South Africa against the State of Israel. Several states, including Turkey, have voiced their support for the South African initiative.
However, it is imperative to note that Turkey lacks the moral standing to accuse other states of genocide until it acknowledges its responsibility for the Armenian Genocide and makes reparations to the Armenian people. Genocide crimes are indisputably timeless.
Our standpoint is that Israel’s actions against the Palestinian people, justified under the pretext of self-defense, are equally condemnable, as is Turkey’s denouncing attitude towards these actions. Turkey’s stance towards Israel is hypocritical, evident in its ongoing trade relations with Israel, including the supply of goods to the Israeli army.
Turkey’s critical and condemning statements against Israel’s behavior are further undermined by its denial of the Armenian Genocide and its substantial support for Azerbaijan’s genocidal activities against the Armenian people in Artsakh. Additionally, Turkey persists in using force to infringe upon the rights of the Kurdish people and the territorial integrity of its neighboring states.
On the other hand, influenced by its relations with Turkey, Israel is compounded by its complicity in Azerbaijan’s genocide against Artsakh. Israel continues to provide weapons and ammunition to Azerbaijan, targeting the Republic of Armenia.
We strongly condemn Israel’s behavior in this regard.
The ongoing bloodshed poses a serious threat to the geographical expansion of military operations, jeopardizing regional stability and exacerbating the resulting humanitarian tragedy. Urgent steps must be taken to halt military operations and address the humanitarian disaster, initiating a process of peaceful settlement.

Armenian National Committees of the Middle East
11 January 2024