Let’s stand with David!‏


Dear Friend,

David needs our help, and he deserves our support.

We’re talking, of course, about Congressman David Cicilline.

He’s a powerful member of the influential U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee and an effective national leader on all the Armenian issues we care about.

David has a long and proud history of support for the Armenian Cause, and even a brighter future ahead of him.

As a Rhode Island state legislator and mayor of Providence he championed our community and our cause.

Rep. David Cicilline offering remarks at the 2013 Capitol Hill celebration of Artsakh independence
Rep. David Cicilline offering remarks at the 2013 Capitol Hill celebration of Artsakh independence

Today, as a member of Congress, he is fighting hard for our homeland and heritage: leading the effort for recognition and reparations for the Armenian Genocide, freedom for the independent Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, and stronger U.S.-Armenia relations.

We are especially proud of his leadership in helping secure the full U.S. House’s passage of landmark bipartisan legislation calling upon the Turkish government to return all Armenian and other Christian church properties to their rightful owners!

We could go on, but the bottom line is that David fights hard, and gets results! He has been there every time we’ve asked. Now it’s our turn to be there for him.

Here in Rhode Island, our community has stood strong with David since the start, but now, in his role as a national leader for our community, it’s time for all Armenians across America to step up and support his re-election.

Please donate today on-line to help us keep David in Congress, where he can continue fighting for our shared views and values.


Rep. Katherine S. Kazarian

District 63

East Providence, Rhode Island

Aram G. Garabedian

President, Bliss Properties

Former Rhode Island State Representative

Former Rhode Island State Senator

Former Cranston City Council President

PS – If you’d like to see David in action, check out these YouTube videos:

Rep. Cicilline at the 2013 Capitol Hill Armenian Genocide Commemoration

Rep. Cicilline speaking out on Artsakh Independence – 2012

If you would prefer to give by check, please mail your contribution to Cicilline for Congress, P.O. Box 9107, Providence RI 02940.

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