AYF Vancouver hosts commemorative event honoring the fallen soldiers from last year’s Four Day War in Artsakh


(HORIZON WEEKLY) On Sunday April 2, 2017 the Vancouver Armenian community took part in a special prayer Requiem held in St.Gregory Armenian Apostolic church in memory of the fallen heroes who gave their lives defending the Republic of Artsakh against the Azeri aggression of the 4 day war.

After the church ceremony a small tree in a planter was blessed by rev. father Hrant Tahanian and everyone present was handed small ribbons by AYF members to attach on the tree. The tree will be planted on the grounds of the Armenian community centre In memory of all the heroes.

After the service there was a presentation organized by the AYF Arshavir Shiragian chapter and AYF juniors Christapor Mechaelian chapter of Vancouver. AYF member ungerouhi Sarin Ghougasian welcomed the community and asked the guests to open the day of respect with the singing of the Armenian national anthem.

After the video presentation ungerouhi Sarin invited ANC Western Canada chairman Vahe Andonian to say a few words about the occasion. Vahe Andonian spoke about the 4 day war and the determination and will power of the people of Artsakh.