ANC Artsakh Remarks on 100th Day of Azerbaijan’s Artsakh Blockade

Iskajyan: We Are Not Alone

Following are remarks by ANC Artsakh’s Gev Iskajyan at the AYF Artsakh March 21st rally in Stepanakert, marking the 100th day of Azerbaijan’s brutal blockade.

It has been 100 days since the blockade in Artsakh began.

100 days without access to the rest of the world.

100 days without vital supplies like food and medicine.

100 days without heat.

100 days without access to education.

100 days in the dark.

Through it all, the people of Artsakh have withstood the pressure, the hardships, and all the human rights abuses committed by Azerbaijan under their imposed blockade.

At times, it has felt as if the people of Artsakh have been alone in this crisis, with major world powers turning a blind eye to Azerbaijan’s humans rights abuses, even in light of rulings from the International Criminal Court and condemnations from organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

But Artsakh has never been alone, from Stepanakert to Washington DC, from Canada to the European Union, from Australia to South America and across the middle east — the ANC throughout the world, powered by diasporan Armenians with an unrelenting love for Artsakh and its people, have been working day and night, to raise awareness and spark action by global powers.

In this time we’ve heard statements by many nations, calling out Azerbaijan for their crimes — but the time has now come for more than words, the time has come for action, for tangible, punitive measures and sanctions against Azerbaijan. Because only then will they think twice, only then will they stop.

Through all of this, the people of Artsakh are ready to do whatever it takes, as they have time and time again. Because today Artsakh doesn’t just represent this small corner of the world, Artsakh represents all people throughout the earth who believe in freedom, who believe in the right to self-determination, who believe in human rights, who believe in a better future.

My compatriots, I know there are times that we feel alone.

But we are not alone.

Your compatriots around the world are with you.

Hai Tahd is with you.

The diaspora is with you.

With its mind, its heart, and all its might.