Statement On the occasion of the 107th anniversary of the Armenian genocide

Today we pass by the 40th anniversary of the Armenian genocide committed by the Turks, and the legacy of the criminals is still free and continue the crime. The fact is that crime continues, as well as human rights violations, and the civilized world hides behind the false claims “for welfare and peace” encouraging criminals to continue their crime and forgetting that the minimum required limit lies in describing murder cases with precision and accountability of the countries committed.

Genocide is the biggest crimes against humanity and the Armenian people were and still are victims of this heinous crime.

Azerbaijan, with Turkish military, material and moral support, continue today what Turkey has started in the historical Armenian lands. After ending the Armenian existence in Western Armenia and erasing all the monuments that indicate its historical existence, it focuses on destroying archeological monuments, role of Armenian worship and changing its monuments, and the cultural, historical and religious heritage of the Armenian in Karabakh (Artsakh), which will return to Centuries before the arrival of the Turkish race to the South Caucasus region and Armenian lands. With the aim of blurring the Armenian identity. Even the graves and graveyards were not delivered from the hands of the criminals, these destroyed the stone crosses and dug the graves and all the valuable human civil heritage, amidst applied silence, sad and dangerous by the world and humanity.

It is the duty of all humanity to stand up to these crimes. Especially since the Turks also destroyed the history and civilization of Arabs, Kurds, Greeks, Serbia and many peoples. The silence commitment to these criminals encourages them to continue their criminal activities. So the whole world should condemn the acts of Baku and Ankara and demand them to stop their crimes.

Committees of Defense for the Armenian Case in Arab Countries

23 April 2022