SYDNEY: The Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC-AU) has announced that the Compass television program on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) will broadcast a shortened-for television version of Children of a Genocide, which Armenian-Australian director Shahane Bekarian has titled “Echoes of My Ancestors”.

The first Australian-produced feature documentary covering the Armenian Genocide, Children of a Genocide delves into the inter-generational effects of the Genocide on Armenian-Australian descendants of survivors and victims. Echoes of My Ancestors will premiere nationally on Compass on Saturday 21 April 2018, at 6pm. It will repeat on Sunday 22 April 2018, at 11am. Thereafter, it will be available for on-demand viewing on ABC iView.

ANC-AU, as a proud co-producer of the film, congratulated Shahane Bekarian on this magnificent news.

“Mr. Bekarian is a local product of the Armenian-Australian community, of whom we are immensely proud for having excelled in his field of filmmaking,” commented ANC-AU Executive Director, Haig Kayserian. “We were genuinely excited to partner with him on this project, and are glad it is now receiving deserved recognition with the ABC announcing its upcoming national television premiere on Compass.”

“We trust the ABC will do the story and the history justice, and we look forward to the greater Australian community being further informed on our community’s battle for justice for the Armenian Genocide on behalf of our ancestors,” Kayserian added.

See the posting of the film’s coming soon page at http://www.abc.net.au/compass/coming_up.htm.