Join Armenian-Canadians from across Canada as we commemorate the 102nd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Ottawa


Thousands of Canadians from across the country will join the Armenian National Committee of Canada in Ottawa, on Monday, April 24th to commemorate the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and demonstrate against the Government of Turkey’s ongoing denial of the crime.

A century has passed but activists will gather once again to reiterate their commitment to this humanitarian cause and to continue their struggle until justice is fully served. Do your part today by attending commemorative events in your city and then by joining the thousands of activists in Ottawa to make your voice heard against denial and injustice.

It is only through our concerted efforts that we will prevail and stop the cycle of denial that has pillaged the souls of our innocent ancestors. Every one of us has an important role to play and this is the time to do it.

Take a stand against genocide denial. Let Turkey know that they cannot rewrite history.

Where: Parliament Hill, Ottawa
Buses leave for Ottawa at:

Montreal and Laval — 9:00am
Toronto — 6:00am
Cambridge, ON — 5:30am

Event will begin on Parliament Hill at 12:00pm noon.

Photo credit: Ishkhan Ghazarian – Horizon Weekly