East San Fernando Valley ANCA Hosts Community Reception

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—On Tuesday, the East San Fernando Valley Chapter of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA-SFVE) held a Community Reception for over 150 guests comprised of local public officials, business owners, professionals, community leaders, and ANCA-SFVE activists. The reception was co-hosted by LA Banquets at its beautiful “Le Foyer” venue in the North Hollywood district of the east San Fernando Valley.

ANCA-SFVE Boardmember Jimmy Seradarian welcomed the attendees and acknowledged several high profile guests such as Los Angeles City Councilmembers Paul Krekorian and Nury Martinez, Chief Jorge Villegas of the LAPD Valley Bureau, California State Assemblymember Matt Dababneh, and numerous other public officials and dignitaries. He then invited ANCA-SFVE Chairman Levon Baronian to make remarks on behalf of the ANCA-SFVE Board.

Baronian thanked all the attendees for their continuous support of the ANCA-SFVE throughout the years and explained that the purpose of the Community Reception was to create an intimate setting for members of the local Armenian-American community to meet with local public officials, community leaders, and each other.

A life-long resident of the east San Fernando Valley, Baronian stated “We’re all Americans, but there are two geographic regions I identify with most after my American heritage and they are Armenia, the homeland of my ancestors, and the east San Fernando Valley, the home of my children. That is why, for me, as I’m sure is the case for all of you, it is critically important to keep the east San Fernando Valley a safe, prosperous, thriving place to live and work, and build a stronger sense of community, something which is often lacking in other parts of Los Angeles.”

He went on to highlight recent accomplishments of the east San Fernando Valley Armenian community, including newly expanded social services being offered by the North Hollywood chapter of the Armenian Relief Society and a recently initiated youth sports program of the North Hollywood chapter of the Homenetmen Athletics and Scouting Union. Baronian emphasized that the ANCA-SFVE will continue to serve as the facilitator for these and all other local community organizations to aid them with securing the necessary governmental assistance, funding, and other resources to expand such programs.
Baronian announced that the ANCA-SFVE will be hosting a College Workshop Seminar in February for east San Fernando Valley high school and college students planning to apply or transfer to universities. He also introduced a recently launched initiative of the ANCA-SFVE to build an extensive information technology platform to mobilize the local Armenian-American community.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Krekorian thanked the ANCA-SFVE for its years of service and stated, “It was a great evening with the San Fernando Valley-East ANCA at the Armenian-American community reception. The organization has done a great job of engaging the community and promoting activism.”

Los Angeles City Councilmember Nury Martinez commended the ANCA-SFVE for its work and for introducing her to Tereza Yerimyan, Government Relations Director at the ANCA-WR, whom she showered with praise for her professionalism and dedication. She proceeded to thank “the Armenian National Committee of America – East San Fernando Valley Chapter for inviting me to your reception this evening. I look forward to continuing our work to make our community a better place.”

California State Assemblymember Matt Dababneh thanked the ANCA-SFVE and presented the ANCA-SFVE and LA Banquets CEO Vrej Sarkissian each with Certificates of Recognition from the State of California for their work in the community. Talin Sardarbegian presented an Official United States Congressional Flag to the ANCA-SFVE on behalf of United States Congressman Brad Sherman, who was in Washington D.C. and could not attend. Representatives were also present from the office of United States Congressman Tony Cardenas, a long-time friend of the east San Fernando Valley Armenian-American community, who was also in Washington D.C. and could not attend.

Also in attendance were several leaders of the local community, including Archpriest Father Nareg Pehlivanian of the North Hollywood Armenian Church, Avo Ovayan, Chairman of the Armenian Cultural Foundation, Michelle Gilstrap, Executive Director of the UCNH Chamber of Commerce, Vasken Yardemian, President of the Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America, representatives from the office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Boardmembers and staff of the ANCA-Western Region, representatives from the Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, and Studio City Neighborhood Councils, principals and trustees of the Ararat Charter, Holy Martyrs Cabayan Elementary and Ferrahian High Schools, and representatives from the North Hollywood chapters of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Armenian Relief Society, Homenetmen, and Western Prelacy of the Armenian Church.

Photo: (L-R) California Assemblymember Matt Dababneh, Taline Sardarbegian, Levon Baronian, LA Councilmember Paul Krekorian, ACF Chairman Avo Ovayan, LA Councilmember Nury Martinez, Jimmy Seradarian