EAFJD at the European Parliament’s Plenary Session, in Strasbourg

President of EAFJD Kaspar Karampetian, and Communications & PR officer Bedo Demirdjian were in Strasbourg, for the ‪‎European Parliament‬ plenary session of February 2015.

The topics which directly interest us were:
a) the “Annual Report on ‪‎Human Rights‬ and ‪Democracy‬ in the World 2013 and the European Union’s policy on the matter”, by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament, where the denial of genocides and other crimes against humanity should be condemned, and they are to be treated as clear violation of fundamental freedoms and Human Rights, and
b) the ‪‎Euronest‬ plenary session which will take place in Yerevan, ‪Armenia‬, in March 16 – 18.