COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT: August 9 is Census night


Dear fellow Armenian-Australians,

August 9 is Census night.

Every five years the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) undertakes a national Census of Population and Housing.

The Census provides a comprehensive picture of Australians, at the national, state and local government areas. Information collected through the Census will be used to develop policies, plan and run public services and allocate funding.

To ensure that the ABS accurately records the number of Australians with Armenian heritage, the Armenian National Community of Australia (Australia) is encouraging all Armenian-Australians to record “Armenian” in the ‘Census Ancestry’ question.

The objective of the question on ancestry is to gain a better understanding of a person’s ethnic background, particularly for Australians who have recently arrived and helps to identify the distinct cultural groups within Australia.

Country of birth, religion or language spoken alone cannot identify these groups.

Identification of these groups is essential for planning and for the effective delivery of services to our community.

So, on Tuesday, 9 August 2016, complete your Census and remember to enter Armenian as your heritage and help make a difference for our community.




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