Armenian Americans Support Artsakh’s Freedom

An overwhelming majority of Americans of Armenian heritage oppose Artsakh being forced under Azerbaijani rule, according to a recent nationwide Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) foreign policy survey.

The poll also showed strong support for Armenia’s security as the highest priority in U.S.-Armenia bilateral relations – a finding at odds with the U.S. government’s prioritization of domestic “reforms.”

The key findings of the ANCA survey were as follows:

— 97.65% of respondents strongly agree (95.25%) or agree (2.4%) that Artsakh should never be forced under Azerbaijani rule..

— 98.4% strongly agree (92.7%) or agree (5.7%) that Armenia faces existential threats from Azerbaijan and Turkey.

— 95.2% strongly agree (84.7%) or agree (10.5%) that Armenia’s security should be the top priority in bilateral U.S.-Armenia relations.

— 98% strongly oppose (94.6%) or oppose (3.4%) sending U.S. weapons or military aid to Azerbaijan and – more broadly – to holding Azerbaijan accountable for its war crimes against Artsakh.

— 93.6% strongly agree (84.7%) or agree (8.9%) that Turkey owes reparations to the Armenian nation.