ANCA Glendale Launches “Neighborhood Connect” Program


ANCA Glendale’s Neighborhood Connect

GLENDALE, Calif.—On Monday, December 16, 2013, the Armenian National Committee of America – Glendale Chapter announced the launch of a new program called Neighborhood Connect. Neighborhood Connect is a program designed to bring various municipal, state and educational institutions to one place, so that community members and various offices can interact in community dialogue regarding issues of utmost importance to Glendale residents. Organizations and governmental institutions in the community will have the opportunity to provide help, direction, community education and services every month at a different community venue in Glendale.

ANCA Glendale's Neighborhood Connect
ANCA Glendale’s Neighborhood Connect

The first-ever Neighborhood Connect community dialogue will be held this Saturday, December 21st from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Isahak & Janette Kazanjian Hall at the Krikor and Mariam Karamanoukian Glendale Youth Center, 211 West Chestnut Street in Glendale. The venue will be changed each time to ensure that residents from all of Glendale’s neighborhoods can easily join Neighborhood Connect Community Dialogue meetings.

“ANCA Glendale’s Neighborhood Connect is the moderator for a dialogue between community members and institutions that can guide Glendale residents and provide proper resources based on the needs and concerns addressed every month,” said ANCA Glendale Chairman Berdj Karapetyan.

The Glendale Unified School District, Glendale Community College, Glendale City departments, Glendale Police Department, Glendale Fire Department, Senator Liu’s Office, Congressman Schiff’s office, Assemblymember Mike Gatto’s office and Armenian Relief Society’s Social Services have been invited to set up stations and join the program this Saturday and at future Neighborhood Connect Community dialogue meetings. Organizations and institutions interested in setting up stations can contact the ANCA Glendale offices by calling 818.243.3444 or emailing

“I think this program is a necessity for Glendale residents. By taking these offices out into the community, we can make a joint statement. The statement is the following: we’ll come to you,” said ANCA Glendale Executive Director Talar Malakian.