ANCA Eastern Region Launches Its GoHye Fundraising Campaign


— The GoHye Challenge Encourages Armenians to Share Cultural Pride on Social Media

Watertown, MA – The Armenian National Committee of America Eastern Region (ANCA-ER) announced today the launch of its new GoHye fundraising and social media challenge campaign. The aim of the campaign is to ensure the sustainability and expansion of the range of organization’s programs and activities throughout the region.

In 2016 alone, the ANCA Eastern Region has registered many successes, including:

· Expansion of its strong local ANC network into Minnesota, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Northern Ohio, and Central Florida;

· Halt of an anti-Armenian resolution in Kentucky State Senate;

· Passage of an Artsakh independence recognition resolution in the state of Georgia;

· West Virginia becoming the 44th state to officially affirm the Armenian Genocide;

· Protest and coordinated campaign against the genocide denial ads and billboards, which resulted in formal policy changes and apologies issued to our community;

· Commemoration of the atrocities committed against Armenians during Sumgait and Baku Pogroms;

· Dozens of meetings with elected officials in Washington, DC and in the districts to advocate for the issues our community cares most about – deeper U.S.-Armenia partnership; safety for the Syrian-Armenians; independence of Artsakh; truth and justice for the Armenian Genocide;

· And so much more.

“These are challenging times everywhere. The Armenian Nation especially is faced with many challenges in the Diaspora as well as in the Homeland,” said ANCA Eastern Region Chairman Stephen Mesrobian. “ANCA-ER has been on the front-lines advocating on behalf of our nation in all corners of the Eastern United States. We are asking our friends and supporters to join our GoHye campaign for us to be able to go higher and achieve even more together.”

While there have already been many achievements, there is a lot more work ahead, and today – more than ever – there is a need for greater community involvement and engagement to rise up to the challenges facing us. By joining the GoHye campaign and making a symbolic donation of $19.15 per month, community members can help ensure that the ANCA Eastern Region has the necessary resources to continue to get the job done.

In an effort to raise awareness about the campaign, ANCA-ER has also launched a GoHye challenge encouraging Armenians to share their cultural pride on social media. The GoHye Challenge is very simple:

1. Record video on what makes you proud as an Armenian (what makes you GoHye?)

2. Tag and challenge three of your friends, giving them 48 hours to complete the challenge

3. Share the video on social media and use the #GoHye hashtag

Participants have 48 hours to respond to the challenge or they have to donate to ANCA Eastern Region Endowment Fund to support its activities. To learn more about the challenge, click here.

As a 501(c)3 organization, contributions made to the ANCA Eastern Region Endowment Fund are tax-deductible and will help the ANCA Eastern Region – and our community – to go higher for Hai Tahd!

To learn more and join the GoHye campaign, you may visit: