ANC Canada Trip to British Columbia Legislature in Victoria


Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC) members Vahe Agopian, Hagop Deragopian and Mr. Varoujan Basmadjian went with author Aram Adjemian to the BC Legislature to commemorate the 101st Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and to introduce Aram’s book, ”The Call from Armenia – Canada’s Response to the Armenian Genocide”.

In the morning they met with MLA Adrian Dix in his office and discussed the day’s upcoming activities, including the lunch hour book presentation and reception and the 1:30pm introduction and statement in the House.

Mr. Adrian Dix said he would include comments about NKR, about Armenians in Aleppo, and 10th Anniversary of passing of Motion M59 in BC Legislature.

Around 10:30, ANCC and Mr. Adjemian met with Speaker of the House Hon. Linda Reid in her office, and went to review Library rotunda space in preparation for the lunch hour reception

For the lunch hour reception, hosted in the BC Legislature Library Rotunda by House Speaker Hon. Linda Reid, Armenian community members included:

· ANCC reps Vahe Agopian, Hagop Deragopian, Varoujan Basmadjian

· Author Aram Adjemian

· Armenian community members Narine Grigoryan, Aram Khajeek, Hratch Baghdassarian

Madam Speaker introduced Hon. Suzanne Anton, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, who spoke about 101st Genocide recognition and spoke with great praise about the design of the Vancouver Armenian Genocide Monument, and remembered being present for the opening at Mountain View in Vancouver in 2014. She also remarked on the positive contributions Armenians make to the community.

MLA Adrian Dix reflected on the previous day’s April 24th commemoration in Vancouver. He was in awe that the small congregation at St. Gregory Church has already sponsored 70+ refugees so far, knowing how much effort his own church has put in to sponsoring just one refugee. Racism without Genocide can happen, but Genocide always starts with Racism. He stated that Nagorno Karabakh self determination is necessary to avoid expulsion/exodus or worse, like what is happening in Aleppo to the strong, old Armenian community. And he reminded that this is the 10th anniversary of the passing of Motion M59 in the BC Legislature.

ANCC Rep Hagop Deragopian introduced author Aram Adjemian, who presented background and some samples of his new book, ”The Call from Armenia – Canada’s Response to the Armenian Genocide” especially in relation to British Columbian contributors to Armenian humanitarian relief after the First World War.

In addition to the three MLAs mentioned above, there were individual meetings and discussions with MLAs Raj Chouhan, Robin Austin, Nicholas Simons, John Yap, Jane Thornthwaite, Jane Shin, Marc Dalton.

Also present were MLAs Norm Letnick and George Heyman, and long time Liberal party representative Lorne Mayencourt.

Each MLA was presented with a copy of Aram’s book.

At 1:30, during the afternoon sitting of the BC Legislature, MLAs Anton and Dix repeated their lunch hour comments to the entire House.