SYDNEY: The Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC-AU) has announced its first scholarship for the new ANC-AU Internship Program, named after the late Mr. Hagop Kortian; a scholarship which will serve to facilitate greater involvement of young Armenians in the Australian political process.

The ANC-AU Internship Program, part of broader #ANCAUoutreach initiatives to be announced throughout 2018, provides work experience opportunities for young Armenian-Australians at the office of the peak public affairs body of the Armenian-Australian community. The ANC-AU Internship Program will also help facilitate the placement of Armenian-Australian students into the offices of Members of Parliament, Senators, government departments, think-tanks and media centres in Canberra and within state capitals across the country.

The ANC-AU Internship Program’s “Hagop Kortian Scholarship” is a long-term commitment from the family of one of the founding forces of Hai Tad and the first Armenian National Committee in Australia.

Speaking on behalf of the extended Kortian family, Dr. Tro Kortian said: “My father was always passionate about Hai Tad and about the next generation, the nor seroont.”

He added: “We believe that the ‘Hagop Kortian Scholarship’ of the ANC-AU Internship Program will be a fitting legacy and investment into the future of Hai Tad.”

The annual Scholarship of $10,000 will be funded by the proceeds of the ‘Hagop and Makrouhy Kortian Endowment Fund’, established in their honour by their sons and their families.

ANC-AU, along with the extended Kortian family, has decided to announce the ANC-AU Internship Program’s “Hagop Kortian Scholarship” on the occasion of the late Mr. Kortian’s fortieth-day requiem (karasoonk), which took place on Sunday, 15th April 2018.

“This is an exemplary commitment from the extended Kortian family, who have associated a legacy to Mr. Hagop Kortian’s name that will help deliver our community and the greater Australian community a long line of political advocates and leaders,” commented ANC-AU Executive Director, Haig Kayserian.

“We thank the Kortians and assure them that the Armenian National Committee of Australia will do our utmost to deliver on their greatly appreciated generosity,” Kayserian added.

More information about the ANC-AU Internship Program, the Hagop Kortian Scholarship and the broader #ANCAUoutreach initiatives will be released in coming weeks and months.