ANC Australia Scholarship Criteria and Conditions Application Criteria The Scholarship is available to current year 12 HSC students applying for entry to University in 2012. Applicants must complete and submit ANC Australia Scholarship application form. Applicants must answer four short essay questions included in application form. Applicants must apply for a university degree in one of the following areas of study for entry in 2012: Political Science History Media Applicants must submit all relevant documents by the Application Deadline, November 18, 2011. Applicants must gain entry into their nominated degree. Selection The successful candidates for each area of study will be selected by a qualified judging panel, including experts and practitioners in each field of study and respected members of the Armenian-Australian community. The applicants’ results in 2011, his/her current role in the community and general character will all form part of the selection criteria. The Scholarship Each winner of the scholarship will be awarded AU$2000. An advance will be paid upon announcement, with the balance paid once the winner can demonstrate that the performance criteria — outlined below — have been successfully fulfilled. Further to the financial reward, each winner will be placed in a Work Experience environment for a selected period in an area relevant to their field of study (eg. Political Science student will spend one week working in the office of a Member of Parliament). Also, each winner will take part in a Work Experience program with an ANC Australia sub-committee relevant to their area of study (eg. Media student will gain valuable experience by working with ANC Australia’s Communications sub-committee). Performance Criteria Acceptance into and performance thereafter in selected University Degree. Attendance of two weeks Work Experience in arranged placement. Regular attendance of ANC Australia meetings. view ANC Australia scholarship application form "